With passion and enthusiasm in what we do, we build a sustainable future


Mersat is a group of companies providing unique combination of diverse services in the fields of environmental studies & sustainability, ISO auditing services, information technology, tourism and healthcare.

Mersat staff preserves a personal and professional aptitude that allows working effectively with clients ranging from Small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies to international corporations. We help them complete their project objectives within a timeline and budget with satisfaction and that fits within a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable framework. Our in-depth understanding of the relationships and dynamics between the built and natural environment allows us to create workable solutions with real results.

We offers customized service and our reputation for quality work ensures that the most practical approach is taken to address the every affair of our clients.

Mersat Values

Our Commitment

Being a rapid growing firm we are fully focused, so has our sense of responsibility as a good corporate citizen. We increasingly strive to have a positive social and environmental impact not only through the work we do for clients but also in how we give back to our communities, how we treat our employees, and how we run our business. Our employees & owners have wholeheartedly embraced a collective desire to seek ways to exhibit this commitment to social responsibility on a day-to-day basis.

We focus on

Community commitment

Our Communities

We find time for corporate charitable giving, community service, and employee voluntarism as well as a program to identify and increase the use of diverse suppliers and subcontractors in all small business categories.

Employee commitment

Our Employees

We strive to ensure the safety, well-being, and financial success of our employees through a robust safety program; numerous wellness initiatives; extensive training and professional development opportunities that allows employees to benefit from the company's growth

Environment commitment

Our Environment

We are fulfilling a commitment to sustainability with initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste through recycling, reduce our water usage, and foster environmental stewardship among our employees through sustainability awareness and a company green team.

July 1971
Formation of UAE
Formation of the UAE

The rulers of six of seven emirates that make up the Trucial States (except Ras Al Khaima) agreed to form a union on 18th July 1971

Feb 1972
Formation of Federal State
Formation of federal state

On 10th February 1972 Ras Al Khaima joined the federation and with the addition of all seven emirates that shaped the Trucial States, the union was complete. This newly formed federal state was formally known as Dawlat Al Imarat Al Arabiyya Al Muttahida, or the UAE

Environment Agency Abu Dhabi
Formation of EAD

The Environmental Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) is a government agency established in 1996 commited to protecting and managing biodiversity, providing a clean environment and promoting sustainable development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Dec 2008
Center of Waste Management Abu Dhabi
Formation of CWM

The Center of Waste Management was founded as the lead agency responsible for monitoring and managing waste management operations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in December 2008

Formation of NADAFA

Abu Dhabi launched the NADAFA programme, an initiative to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and promote the reduction of waste production at source

Nov 2013
Formation of TADWEER

The Center of Waste Management has started the programme, TADWEER and continued the responsibility for monitoring and managing waste management operations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

July 2016
Mersat consultants
Formation of MERSAT

Mersat consultants llc started as per the Federal Law No.2 of 2015. Mersat started with serving the community with information technology and environmental studies related services

Jan 2017
Environment Agency Approved Environmental Consultant
Mersat approved by EAD

Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) recognizes Mersat Consultants as an approved environmental consultant. Mersat hands together with EAD in Environmental related services

July 2016
Tadweer approved waste management consultancy
Mersat approved by tadweer

Center of Waste Management approved Mersat Consultants LLC to provide all waste management services in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western region.

Dec 2017
Mersat Transports Waste
Inception of Mersat Transports

We always strive to learn and understand the requirement of our community which lead to the formation of Mersat Transports Waste LLC, an ESP (Environmental Service Provider)

Dec 2017
Recycling and Trading
Inception of Mersat Recycling & Trading

We extended our service in the field of waste recycling & trading with the inception of Mersat Recycling and Trading facility. We incorporated the transportation, recycling and trading of all types of wastes in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Western Region

June 2018
VMJ Certification
Formation of VMJ Certification

We at Mersat follows a quality and standard in our business and we decided to extend the same in our community too. This added the entity VMJ Certification, an ISO certification company

July 2019
Auditors Training
Inception of Auditors Training

Under VMJ Certification, with the accreditation of CQI and IRCA, we added the auditors training programme along with the certification services

Sept 2019
Information technology services
Enhanced IT Services

We enhanced and expanded out information technology services with and aim of serving technology in its simplified way. We assist in digital transformation and Information Security

Sept 2019
Mersat Group Management
Established as Mersat Group

With a mission of serving our community with advancement, we brought all our entities together and established as Mersat Group Management LLC

June 2020
Mersat Facility Management
Inception of Mersat Facility Management

We further extends our services to manage the facilities you live in. We ensure your facilities are clean, secure, comfortable and peaceful

June 2020
Mersat Tours & Travels
Mersat Tours & Travels

We started our tours & travels establishment with many exciting packages with a focus on sustainable tourism.

June 2020
Mersat Healthcare
Mersat Healthcare

We at Mersat always care our communities which made us step forward with the inception of MERSAT HEALTHCARE


We are expanding. We will keep you updated