With wide range of experience, Mersat Group offers unique combination of services in a scientific, technical and professional manner that are required for our clients around the globe.

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forging a greener tomorrow

Who we are
Who we are

Mersat is a group of companies providing unique combination of diverse services in the fields of environmental studies & sustainability, ISO auditing services, information technology, tourism and healthcare. The diversity of sectors defines our experience and professionalism in the industries we operate.

Our vision
Our Vision

Mersat targets to be the company of choice for its clients all over the globe. To be ideal and reliable, wherever we operate.

Our mission
Our Mission

To achieve world-class corporate governance, using sophisticated technology and innovative ideas to provide services and outcome, beyond expectations.

From the director's desk

Mersat director

“I am delighted of the incomparable crew at Mersat that we have brought together. Every one of them with great environmental passion has been handpicked based on their education, experience and skills. On daily basis they are serving individuals and companies to comply with their Environmental Health & Safety requirements in a friendly, scientific and professional manner.

Mersat director

Mersat team of experienced and qualified environmental engineers come from a wide range of backgrounds primarily from the environmental, science and engineering fields. With this broad range of experience we are able to provide a full range of environmental and Information Technology services that are required in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC. Each of our engineers brings their hard work ethic and dedication to the job every day. Our team works in house and is based in Abu Dhabi and are experienced in assisting companies comply with local and international environmental regulations. We pride ourselves on being a customer first organization that is dedicated to finding solutions for our customers while helping meet our environmental responsibilities.”

We are looking forward to working with you!

Managing Director.

We promise

Mersat Pledge

Mersat pledge

I, as a member of Mersat family, hereby pledge to do my responsibility to my company, my clients and to the society with professionalism, honesty and integrity. I will remind myself every day that I am the most important part of my company and I will do my best to make my team and my management successful. I will help to create the oppurtunities for learning and facilitate resources with best of my capacity. I will exhibit excellent personal leadership to maintain healthy relationship to every member of my company. I will give and accept feedback, only with positivity. I will deeply understand my organization culture and expand it throughout the industry to make my company a model organization for that culture. I will do my part to protect the environment and make it sustainable for the future generation. I will always live upto my company's vision, mission and its core values with all my heart.